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Hong Kong Verified Supplier

All of our suppliers are having a good reputation in Hong Kong and offering high-quality products with competitive prices for our dropshippers.


We can provide 100% guarantee on product & service quality, shipping time from our verified supplier. We will not allow any counterfeit product or brand to sell on our platform.
You have our 100% guarantee!

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Popular questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

1. Will I receive tracking number for the shipment ?

Yes sure, you will receive a tracking number after the supplier has shipped the parcel to the forwarder.

The tracking information can be shared with your customer 🙂

2. Is all shipment sent from Hong Kong ?

Yes, we are not hiding any details with you. All of our suppliers are from Hong Kong, they are registered business in Hong Kong and willing to build up long-term business relationship with you!

You can proudly tell your customer, all shipments are from Hong Kong and it will build a positive brand image to you, as Hong Kong is an international city!

3. Can I have a customized packing ?

It will depend on the supplier, you can discuss with your desired supplier directly and see if they accept customized packing/putting your logo in the parcel.

Our suppliers have direct control of the packing, as they will be responsible for the shipping directly.

4. What if my customer said its a fake product ?

We take it seriously as all of our suppliers are verified, please kindly ask your customer to provide further information.

Super Chain as a platform, we dedicate to provide a fair and trustable marketplace to everyone, if we found any fake product in our marketplace we will take legal action.

5. What is average shipping time to United Kingdom?

The average shipping time depends on the shipping method and location. All of the shipment is shipped from Hong Kong and we select the best shipping option for you based on the product content, roughly it takes only 4-6 days to the United Kingdom. It’s Fast and you can see the tracking from Hong Kong to your customer’s door.

6. What E-commerce platform do you support ?

Currently, we only support Shopify. We believe this is the best and most popular e-commerce platform for dropshipping.

However, we will definitely increase our integration with other e-commerce platforms in the coming future. Stay Tuned!

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What is Super Chain?

Super Chain is a Dropshipping Marketplace for Dropshippers to connect with verified suppliers in Hong Kong.

We offer high-quality and value products and Free Shipping to United Kingdom and Australia.

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