10 Chrome Extensions That Will Make Your E-Commerce Website More Powerful

In the world of e-commerce, your website is a powerful tool that can help you generate more revenue.

However, if it’s not being used to its full potential, then it might as well be a paperweight on your desk.

In this blog post we will list 10 Chrome extensions that will help you take advantage of all the features that your site has to offer and turn it into a powerful marketing machine!.

There are many e-commerce tools that can help you sell more goods but not all of them work the way you want.

Here’s a list of some Chrome extensions that might be worth checking out:

The Camelizer

Easily view historical pricing data from camelcamelcamel.com.

Get camelcamelcamel.com functionality in your browser by one click. To view historical pricing data or create watches and get an email when the price drops, click on the Camel icon in your address bar.

Supports Amazon United States, Canada, Europe, Australia.

Image Search Assistant

The Image Search Assistant is a chrome extension that allows you to search for images on numerous engines.

It links Google, Baidu, Yandex, Bing, and others in order to provide search capabilities.

Users may quickly look for pictures without having to switch search engines, which saves time and increases efficiency;

Additionally it lets you find comparable items on.if you found some winning product but wondering where are the supplier, this chrome extension will definitely help.

Shopify Spy

The Shopify Spy tool scrapes items from Shopify-powered businesses and saves them as an Excel file.

Web scraping is a powerful marketing tool that can help e-commerce businesses find new customers and increase sales.

Store owners simply need to enter the URL of a website in order to retrieve data. Shopify Spy will then gather all items from said site, export it into an excel file which allows for further analysis by e-commerce marketers.

If you are looking for product scraper that scrape for Amazon, you can also click here !


Create short, customized, and effective links from any page and share them with the world.

Because your connections are valuable, they should also be strong.

Create brief, recognizable links to attract more visitors to your material. Bitly’s established link management platform is the greatest at this. ‘Customize for click-worthy links

Is that bit.ly link a little too general for your taste?

Edit the bit.ly link to make it unique. Then go further by upgrading your account and obtaining your own short domain, instead of “bit.ly,” to replace it in order to increase the number of clicks on branded connections!

Social Blade

If you are using video marketing as your major traffic. Don’t forget to use Social Blade as your monitoring tool.

Social Blade Stats is a Chrome extension that adds a box to the right of your video displaying the most important information about the channel.


With Amzpecty, you may easily observe and keep track of Amazon competitors’ stock, quantity, inventory, pricing, and changes.


* Check Amazon Seller Quantity, Price, Sales Rank, etc.

* View Amazon Product Variants

* Calculate Amazon Profit

* Take Daily Product Data Snapshots

* Add Notes to Seller Central Products


You may already be familiar with Grammarly, since it’s an extremely popular browser plugin for all users, regardless of language.

This is extremely beneficial, especially if you’re creating ad copy or the description for your product.

You don’t want to turn off potential customers by displaying your grammatical errors….

Grammarly removes writing mistakes and finds the ideal words to convey yourself, from spelling and grammar to style and tone.

It offers real-time feedback on Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, Linkedin, and nearly every other location you’ll write.

It goes above and beyond grammatical correctness. You may be certain that your writing is not only correct, but also clear and concise.

To get a weekly customized composition analysis to track your progress and identify areas for improvement, please register your account.

Facebook Pixel Helper

The Facebook Pixel Helper is a troubleshooting tool that aids in the validation of your pixel strategy.

It works in the background, looking for conversion or Facebook pixels, and providing real-time feedback on their usage. A small number will appear on the Facebook Pixel Helper icon to indicate how many pixel events have occurred over time.

Pexgle – Hunt Winning Products Toolkit

Examine what’s hot on the market and from your rivals. Check out which commercials are getting the most traffic.

Here’s how you may lawfully “spy” on all of your biggest competitors in order to identify the most popular goods and trends before the market gets oversaturated, making millions overnight!

Use the data to make better marketing decisions by learning what products have already succeeded and getting comprehensive store data.

Winning Product Research

Find out which Target stores’ products are bringing in the most money quickly and simply. (based on actual consumers/visitors)

Facebook Ads Research

Discover the most effective advertising in your market and amongst your competitors.


The best way to find good products on AliExpress is with this must-have Dropshipping tool that allows you to discover winning goods.

AliTrendz finds popular items on Aliexpress.com and highlights them in real time.

The Trend Score is then used to determine whether or not a product is trending.

The trend score is a number that indicates the popularity of a product.


To conclude, ecommerce is a very profitable business, and e-commerce marketing requires the right tools to help you succeed. If you want more traffic and better rankings in search results, use these Chrome Extensions today!


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