5 Best Product Suggestions to Kickstart your Print On Demand (POD) Dropshipping Store in 2020

How can your dropshipping store stand out by Print On Demand (POD) products? Customized product is also called Print-on-demand (POD), we all know dropshipping market is getting competitive.

Generally, any business is supported by the target population and the type of product involved.

Similarly, when deciding the type of products to start dropshipping, then those two determinants must be clearly identified and defined.

In most cases, this is usually the main problem when it comes to dropshipping. More so, one should identify the supplier and the online platform before investing in dropshipping products.

What is Print On Demand (POD) ?

Print on Demand is a customized service for designer or anyone to create their own product. It is a great opportunity for new entrepreneur to kickstart their business, while avoiding high competitive market (reselling other’s brand).

Apart from POD, there are lots of different business model hat you may consider.

What is Printful and Why should I use Printful ?

Printful is the highly recommended Print On Demand (POD) supplier, especially for new entrepreneurs. Besides, it is one of the top ranked dropshipping suppliers in USA and Europe. Regarding an ecommerce platform, Shopify is the recommended one since it mainstreams well with Printful, therefore making it easy for the new entrepreneur to operate with ease.



What products can I create with Printful ?

Basically, Printful offers wide-range products for you to customize. For example : women’s clothing, men’s clothing, living & home items…

More than you can think of !

Do I need Design or Technical background to use Printful ?

No ! Of course. As I do not have any technical background as well.

Let’s move to their Mock-up Generator ! It’s really fun, even you do not have any idea on design, the tool will help you to create a mock-up in few minutes!

Here, we created our own logo T-shirt ! Simply adding the logo file to the mock-up generator in few clicks !


The Best product to commercialized my POD product ?

The following are some of the products, as a new entrepreneur, you can start with : 

1. Throw pillows


The cost is starting from $15.42

Since Printful suppliers do accept all sorts of products for dropshipping, then throw pillows are a good example of products to start with.

Pillow is also great for focusing newly-married couple gift, valentine gift and bedroom products.

These are products that are mainly used for home décor; therefore, they are limited by different seasons, and as a result customer buy them over and over again.


2. Polo shirts

The cost is starting from $14.92

Over the past few years, dropshipping polo shirts has been the trend.

Therefore, if you are interested in the same, there is the need to stand out and offer the customers something different from the usual.

This can be achieved through Printful suppliers who offer printing services; therefore, you can print your polo shirts to your liking. 

If you are doing clothing item, one of the key aspect that you will need to concern is the fabrics and quality of the product.


3. Phone cases


The cost is starting from $10.5

A phone case is one product that keeps changing over time with high demand everywhere.

This makes it the best recommendation for new entrepreneurs who intend to start dropshipping products. Printful also allows for customized phone cases for they support the engraving of desired designs on the cases.

However, when most of the dropshippers are serving iPhone market, but lack of them are doing Android smartphone case.

Proposed by IDC, the worldwide smartphone shipment in market share forecast, we can see Android phones are dominant in the market (Samsung, LG, Hauwei, Xiaomi).


4. Fitness Leggings

The cost is starting from $18.74

We all know, more people have grown towards keeping fit, therefore, needing activewear for their exercises.

That is where fitness leggings come in. therefore, the demand is continuously growing for those in need of activewear.

With Printful, you are assured of high-quality leggings since you can also print logos to make their appearance more professional. 

One of the niche that we want to mention is the Plus-sized sportwear market, as more and more sport brands are offering plus-sized product and this market is emerging.

5. Socks 

The cost is starting from $8.98

Most people buy things online because of their sizes and their ease to ship.

Therefore, socks are a good example of what is small and has ease with the shipping. In addition, Printful allows for customization, thus, if changes need to be made you can make the necessary changes on the socks.



Building a POD dropshipping store is much easier than you think ! With a high-quality suppliers, you will be able to scale your dropshipping business easily.

If you are having an idea to own your brand, then I would suggest you to create your brand by POD and it will help you to lower your risk to having stock.

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