8 Best Free Email Marketing Templates for Your Dropshipping Business in 2020

When we are talking about connections between your customers, most of the dropshipping businesses are using Email direct marketing.



What is Email Marketing ?

74 trillion emails are sent every year and It is because the cost is cheap to run and can reach a myriad of subscribers immediately. The pros for using Email direct marketing :

  • Low-cost
  • Fast
  • Efficient
  • Digital data available to measure and refine campaigns

Why do we need email marketing ?

Email direct marketing (EDM) is a main way for you to contact your potential or existing buyer. Email gives you the opportunity to keep contact with your audience to give them updated information about your business, for example : new product alert, updated news or policy and sales promotion.

If you do not have time to build a custom email template from zero ! We are here to show you our sources from online to give you 10 Best email templates which is Free and ready to send !


1. ZURB Ink

ZURB Studios has five responsive email templates available for free. ZURB offers 5 awesome email templates for dropshippper to make their email campaigns responsive !

With more users are using their phone to check their emails, mobile-friendly emails templates would help you to increase the click rate to direct your audience to your website.


The template comes with a separate CSS stylesheet and HTML file to ease the editing process, and most clients put the CSS inline with the HTML itself after both are uploaded separately. If you’re going to add images to your newsletter, keep in mind you’ll have to create a separate folder and compress with the CSS stylesheet when uploaded.


2. Sonata by Web Canopy Studio

The sonata email template is original free email template with HubSpot, the template is completely compatible with HubSpot.

This feature-filled newsletter template gives you the opportunity to share your latest blogs, events, news, and more with your HubSpot contacts. This template comes with documentation on how to use and edit, support ticketing, and more upon download.


3. Colorlib Email

If you are selling high-ticket items, probably you will need to take time to introduce the item to your audience. We suggest you use Colorlib email template,  premium-like responsive HTML email template that you can use right away.

The tool is adaptive and flexible enough for you to use it your dropshipping businesses and projects, too. No need to stick to one topic if you can use one item for numerous different purposes.

Whether you are offering or introducing a new deal to your customer to give them a landing-page liked email to direct them into your website or get them into your subscription list.


4. Litmus

Litmus is a known brand for those who enjoy testing and analyzing the performance of their email marketing campaigns. Litmus team offers a lot of free email templates for different purposes, for example : Abandoned cart, market a product, an newsletter , updated news …

We suggest you use their Email Monks : Abandoned Cart 1 template to remarketing your visitors, when they left your website after clicking into a specific product.

With the template, you are able to show your prospect the customer reviews to convince them to make a purchase.


All five templates come in different categories, including: newsletter template, template for announcing new products, a receipt template for all your invoicing needs, a simple announcement template to send out brief messages, and even a minimal stationery template that will be of great use to those who like to keep it simple, but also responsive.


5. Dyspatch

What if you are doing in specific industry and you need some animation to enlightening your audience ?

We are here to introduce Dyspatch – Meow theme to you. Meow is a simple theme with SendWithUs company, which is a known email marketing platform that offers marketers to build and market their templates from within a simple email marketing environment. By sharing with us a library of ten unique and responsive email templates for your own use.



The templates are open sourced, giving you the freedom to make any changes and adjustments as you see fit. We must caution our readers that although these templates are free, they seem to be limited to just templates that consist of sending invoices to your customers.


6. Resonant by HubSpot

Resonant is another free email newsletter template by HubSpot. The template’s base design is perfect for welcoming new users to your service. At this stage in the customer journey, you don’t want to overwhelm your newest users with too much content right away — but you do want to give them a taste of who you are. The wide image space at the top and text blurb beneath it help you do just that.



Maybe you want to send this email to help new users complete their registration, or offer them the next tier of your product. The “Download” CTA at the bottom of the email template gives you a modest up-sell opportunity, which you can personalize with any links and copy you’d like.


7. Antwort

Antwort offers responsive layouts for Email that both fits and adapts to client widths. Don’t underwhelm desktop users with single column layouts that work for mobile. Antwort offers columns on desktop that automatically become rows on mobile.

Responsive Layouts for Email


  • Works on mobile: Mail on iOS and Email on Android.
  • Works in major clients like AOL, gmail, outlook.com and Yahoo.
  • Even works in Outlook (2000+).
  • Bulletproof layouts: made with dynamic content in mind.
  • Minimalist in design for maximum customizability.

8. Themezy

Let your customers and website users know the latest product or feature available on your site with this fully responsive, free template.


With the template, you are able to replace the existing box with your custom content and send out your email to your customer in few minutes.

By the simple design template, you can show your products or services into the bullet points and emphasis on your key points to attract your customer.



The email direct marketing method is a very powerful tool for e-commerce and dropshippers to re-marketing their business or retain customer loyalty.

We believe there are lots of tools in the current market that will be able to offer email automation with codeless experience.

We are here to give you 8 free templates from different companies, if you need a template to help you to build your email campaign faster.


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