The Anatomy of Successful Digital Business Transition


As we all know and probably heard many times, the e-commerce industry has been thriving! With the sudden boom in this industry with $41.54 billion in digital revenue for November to December in 2020 the online business sector is just constantly growing!

Why is it the best time to have an online store?

The Covid-19 pandemic definitely struck the world and it seems to be going on forever! With everyone in a lockdown, everyone is stuck at home. So what do we do? Well, everyone has resolved to online shopping!

A lot of consumers make impulse decisions and it’s amazing for the e-commerce industry!

What are the benefits of having an online store?

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Global Access – Having an online store helps your consumers have access to your store any day at any time!

Whether you’re asleep or awake, you will always have potential customers checking out your online shop!

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Home Delivery – By operating an online store you will be able to provide your customers with the amazing option of home delivery!

This is extremely important especially during a worldwide pandemic because your consumers might be reluctant to leave their house for safety reasons.

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Low Cost – If you’re looking to transition your physical store to an online store then we’d definitely suggest you to start now!

It costs almost nothing to own an online store and it’s extremely easy as well! You can use platforms such as Shopify or WooCommerce.

Whether you’re selling a product or service these platforms are extremely user-friendly, low cost and amazing for those who are looking to transition seamlessly!

An amazing success story!

We have seen so many brick and mortar stores crumbling under the pressure to keep up!

However, today we have an awesome success story of a traditional brick and mortar store changing courses and going completely online.

Check out “Fortuneoff Fine Jewlery” – they were a physical store in Westbury that faced many troubles during the Covid-19 pandemic, so they decided to take action and decided to run online!


According to the founder, they are now “devoting all [their] team’s resources to our website, as well as maintaining [their] Personal Jeweler services.” They are now online and manage to provide the same amazing services they had with their physical store.

They don’t compromise on offering a luxurious experience for their customers even though there are no physical interactions.

This is definitely amazing and we definitely support this change!

How can we help?

Looking to transition your store? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

We provide you with tips and tricks, marketing strategies and the latest news regarding the e-commerce industry so be sure to follow our socials for information!

After reading about the successful transition of “Fortuneoff Fine Jewelery”, we’d definitely encourage you to transition your store too!


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