Customer Review Analysis

Our NLP engine analyse the customer reviews and generate keywords & sentiment scores for buyer to better understand the product.

Is rating the key to sourcing?

Most of the sourcing platforms only focus on rating, yet 53% of the sourcing decision is triggered by reviews.

Review helps you to make better decision

Super Chain analyzes the product attributes by reviews. Instead of a long paragraph of customer reviews, we generate keywords and sentiment for you to better understand the products.

Why does it matter?

Instant Understanding of the product

Reading tons of product reviews are wasting your time. We use AI to analyze the product pros & cons for you

Sentiment Analysis

There is no perfect products in the world, but knowing why customer like it or not will help you to explore the potential of the products!

AI Filtering

We put customer satisfaction in the first priority of our platform, we only provide good reputation products for you, we filter the products by using our AI algorithm

Other Features

1-Click Import

Manage & mark up the products to your e-commerce shop in just 1-Click.

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Price Monitor

Predicts the best-selling strategy for the user by analyzing the sales trend & customer reviews.

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Trending Products

Gather data from e-commerce platforms and identifies the top-selling products in the market.

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Super Chain is empowered by AI which streamlines the sourcing process.

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