Drop-Shipping 101: Outsourcing Your Difficulties

If you’re a drop-shipper, sometimes your hands can get quite full which makes you realise that some jobs definitely need to be outsourced. In this blog we will talk about outsourcing your difficulties and how it can help you make your drop-shipping experience seamless!

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone that can help you with all your tasks including order fulfillment, data entry and customer service to name a few.
With a virtual assistant you as an online business owner will definitely be able to focus on growing your business instead of doing menial and tedious tasks.
If this interests you, then you can definitely find reliable and hard-working virtual assistants through Fiverr!

Drop-Shipping Agent

Having a drop-shipping agent can definitely be useful to your business since they can help you and your brand in many ways. They can help with order fulfilment, provide warehouse storage for your inventory, customise your product packaging, arrange product shipment, communicate with local vendors and more!

Customising your product packaging can definitely be crucial to your business depending on your niche and target customer base. It can definitely help you with your store’s branding and help you create a unique experience for your buyers!
Here at Super Chain we are in the works of partnering up with drop-shipping agents and we would love your insights! We would truly appreciate it if you helped us fill the questionnaire linked below!

We are definitely looking forward to your responses! 🤩

Fulfilment Company

A fulfilment company is highly useful since they can completely help you with your fulfilment process including the logistics, inventory storage, order processing and shipping!

Passing on these monotonous tasks to a fulfilment company would be highly beneficial since you would have more time to focus on your offline and online marketing strategies and product development!

Marketing Assistant

Hiring a marketing assistant would definitely be a great idea for your online drop-shipping business especially if you don’t have much experience in digital marketing.

A marketing assistant will help you come up with marketing strategies, create graphics, organise a social media calendar, manage your social accounts, help with email marketing and more!

Marketing is most certainly a crucial part in helping your business grow, so it is definitely important to outsource this job to someone with more experience.

Learn to outsource your online business to the right people and watch it thrive! 

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