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Product is always the Key of Dropshipping
Selling good product with good supplier will help you to expand you dropshipping business
Hong Kong
Product In-stock & Ready to Ship

Our supplier ensure the products sell on Super Chain are in-stock and update on-time. The processing time and shipping time are all transparent to trace and check for you and your customer

Well-Packed Parcel

We ensure all orders are packed in international standard to make sure your customers can receive the items in 100% perfect situation

Gain Customer Satisfaction

With a well-managed dropshipping process. Your customer will be happy to receive their order and give you good rating & reviews

Best products for dropshipping

We have 8 different product categories for you to sell.
All of the products are high quality for your customers and we can guarantee all products are authentic and new in conditions

Verified Business Supplier

Our suppliers have plenty of stock for you to sell, as they are retail shops or trading company in Hong Kong. Also, they are able to provide a good price and speedy shipping time for our drop shippers.

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Super Chain provides the best guarantee for you to kickstart your dropshiping business !

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Searching for a reliable Dropshipping Supplier is never easy ! With us, you are able to access with 300+ Reliable Dropshipping Supplier from Hong Kong !