Simple Step to Get Started

You don't need to be a tech-geek, simply a few clicks you can connect with Super Chain

Configuration Interface

We need 3 things to configure your shop

  • Shop URL: This is very easy, Just copy your shop link (Dont copy https:// & www. ) Please follow the instruction
  • Admin API Password : This need you to create private app and please see the following tutorial
  • Location ID : To control the stock movement

Go to your Shopify Admin page

  1. Apps
  2. Manage Private App
  3. Create Private App

Create App

After the Private app has been created

  • Then you can copy the API Password
Get Password

Go to your Shopify admin dashboard

  1. Setting
  2. Location
  3. Add Location

Create App

After saving your location

  • You can get the Location ID in the Link
  • Copy the numbers from the link and that is the Location ID for Super Chain Warehouse
Location ID

Its DONE ! Your shop is now connected with Super Chain

If you have any problem, please create a ticket and our team will help you personally

Article Name
Get Started to Dropship
Super Chain is integrated with Shopify and this is our tutorial guide on How to Get Started to Dropship with Super Chain ! Dropship with quality Now !