Simple Step to Get Started

You don't need to be a tech-geek, simply a few clicks you can connect with Super Chain

Configuration Interface

We need 3 things to configure your shop

  • Shop URL: This is very easy, Just copy your shop link (Dont copy https:// & www. ) Please follow the instruction
  • Admin API Password : This need you to create private app and please see the following tutorial
  • Location ID : To control the stock movement

Go to your Shopify Admin page

  1. Apps
  2. Manage Private App
  3. Create Private App

Create App

After the Private app has been created

  • Then you can copy the API Password
Get Password

Go to your Shopify admin dashboard

  1. Setting
  2. Location
  3. Add Location

Create App

After saving your location

  • You can get the Location ID in the Link
  • Copy the numbers from the link and that is the Location ID for Super Chain Warehouse
Location ID

Its DONE ! Your shop is now connected with Super Chain

If you have any problem, please create a ticket and our team will help you personally