How to Make Money : Dropshipping with Shopify and Super Chain

No matter you are newbie in online marketing on e-commerce, the most important thing that you will be interested is definitely – How to Make Money, we are here to give you the ultimate guide on dropshipping with shopify and Super Chain.

This article will try to crack the secret behind the dropshipping business and e-commerce for you. You are in the RIGHT PLACE.

Alright, let’s skip the lame introduction and go to the secret and yummy recipe directly.

The guide to use the secret recipe

Reading this guide will potentially help you to increase your revenue, but most importantly, you need to take action.

You will not earn money if you do not work and just sit there and read. Make sure you are ready to work with at least using Shopify and Super Chain , it makes sense, right ?

We strongly recommend you following this guide along with each step and take your action. This should take some times to grow, however, using the product from Super Chain will give you a short cut to make money.

Step 1. Look for your product niche

Knowing what to sell is incredibly important, what we suggest you to do is knowing yourself.

Why is that? we believe what you are good at or interested in will help your dropshipping business grow faster. For example, you are a gym-geek, why not selling sport and health products.


The best part of dropshipping is freedom, no one likes lame work and researching something you do not like. But if you are putting interests into your business, that would be AWESOME !

Step 2. Register as a member in Super Chain

Simple and easy step and most importantly – FREE , you can source unlimited high quality products in Super Chain.

Go to , by clicking the button “Start Now, It’s Free” you will be direct to the registration page.

We only need simple information, make sure you are using correct Email as you will receive very important dropshipping tips for free !


Step 3. Source for your product

You should be able to see the dropshipping price from our Hong Kong suppliers and you are now able to source for the products.

By searching the keywords on the search box, you will see the match products shown on the screen :

What should you do by next ? SELL IT in 1-Click !


4. 1-Click Import the products to your shop

Once you are ready for making profit !

Stay here and watch the video for the 1-Click feature and profit calculator and you will be able to import products to your shop in 1-Click with profit mark-up.

The 1-Click import function has full integration with Shopify, if you are dropshipping with Shopify, you can enjoy code-less process to integrate our shop with us.

When you have selected your products , then you can move to design and marketing part for your shop.

5. Knowing your Target Audience

Basically, you need to answer some questions to project your target audience profile.

Who is your target customer ?

Where are they ?

What is the characteristics of this group of audience ?

What is they education level ?

What is their job / industry ?

Well , we know its not easy to imagine your buyer, so we are here to give you some idea to come up the target customer group with some data, dropshipping with shopify is awesome as they offer lots of integration with 3rd parties apps and facebook is one of them.

Now go to your Facebook Audience Insights tool, make sure your business page account is logged in, before clicking into the link :

Alright, if you do not familiar this tool, we are here to give you the best tutorial from Miles Beckler

You can also spy on your competitor’s activities, with their posts, likes and engagement rate, with the full tutorial from Miles, we are confidence that you will know how to use the facebook audience insight tool in 30 mins and this tutorial is completely FREE.

Put your customer profile into a excel sheet to pick the best group with mass population and relevant interests with your product. We found this is a very good and practical customer profile template for you to define your target audience.

Download the template here

6. It’s time to have your first promotion

Don’t be panic ! Its not that hard. We know you have heard alot about losing money on advertising. If you are dropshipping with shopify, we suggest you to try Facebook Ad.

However, if you understand the simple logic, then we can be sure that you will get the ad bidding strategy very soon.

  • Make sure your landing page is mobile-friendly

No matter which stage you are at, this is very useful for you to understand the facebook ad logic.

You will need a few days for facebook to “Learn” the customer preference on clicking on your ad or not. Facebook will be able to deliver your ad to the best-match audience.


7. Analyze your data

After having some data from your ad campaign or website. You can see the data from Facebook analytics.

Here is some KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that you should be aware and suggested by Ian  :

  1. Cost per link click (Labeled “CPC (Link)”; how many people clicked the link in your ad) – You likely want this to be <$0.50
  2. Link click-through rate (Labeled “CTR (Link)”) — Anything higher than 1% is good; higher than 2% is great
  3. Cost per acquisition (CPA — based on the conversion goal you set) — Depending on your profit margins, but likely less than $20 or $30

Review your campaign and data time to time, until you see the pattern of your users. Then it’s great ! You should be able to control all the variables and got the best niche for your business.


Dropshipping is a long-term business, do not focus on your current profit or loss. You should be ready for the challenge and make sure your dropshipping store works like an normal e-commerce store.

We are proud to let you know all of our suppliers from Hong Kong are able to give you the best dropshipipng experience in the world. Our team talk and have meeting with them to educate and communicate with the suppliers directly.

They are very happy to distribute their products to international markets and looking forward to build strategic partnership with Super Chain’s Dropshippers. Dropshipping with Shopify and Super Chain is giving your an short-cut to build your profitable business.

You will have the support from Super Chain and also the profitable margin from each sales order, without concerning the logistics or product quality anymore. Don’s wait and Dropshipipng with Shopify and Super Chain now !

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