How to Start an Effective Digital Marketing Plan in 2020?

“I am a dropshipper, doing it for part-time to get some passive income. Do I need a digital marketing plan?”. Well, this is a common question, so here is our answer for you.

No matter you are one-man band, limited company or an enterprise, you WILL NEED a Digital marketing plan.

The plan covers your digital marketing channels and budgets, the plan will help you to outline your business objectives and achieve the targets with your milestones.

When you want to achieve all the laid-out goals of your brand, you need a digital marketing plan which will aid in the process step by step until their achievement.

How to structure a digital marketing plan?

Before, setting up your store or your business, you should review the current competitive landscape, visit your competitor’s website and answer the following question :

  • How can we use our strength ?
  • How can we minimize our weakness?
  • How can we Exploit each Opportunity?
  • How can we Defend against each Threat?
  • However, it is essential to understand that a digital marketing plan is valid only when it is made up of all the necessary information to guide the actions taken towards achieving the anticipated goals. For example, the brand environment, its specific objectives, strategies to be employed, and methods to measure the outcome.

    Therefore, the following are the specific steps to follow to ensure the start of an effective digital marketing plan :

    Establish a starting point through research and analysis

    This step involves a review of the current scenario you are in before formulating a marketing plan. The nature of the real competition, the quality of your website, and the specific products and services you are availing.

    Identify objectives that will aid in evaluating the success or failure of the plan.

    They should abide by the SMART acronym, meaning these objectives should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound.

    Establish the nature of your ideal client

    The quality of your perfect client should include their demographic information, their relationship with your brand, their online behavior, and their needs concerning your brand.

    Focusing on the type of content you plan to avail and distribute, formulate a content plan based on the nature of your ideal client and the cycles of consideration.

    Formulation of the keywords which form a huge part of branding since they support all the content you are going to create.

    Some of the considerations to be adopted include: the relevant keyword, the number of searches, and the competence level.

    The selection of the most appropriate platform to promote the brand. 

    Shaping the end products and the branding

    Positioning is a crucial process in STP : Segmentation, Target, Positioning 

    We have basically came through Segmentation by analyse the market, targeting by identify your target customer and now we have to move on positioning.

    You need to position your brand or online store by defining your core value and project to your customer.

    Basically, you can think from different angles :

    1. Why your customer need to buy from you ?
    2. Can you provide any authentic guarantee ?
    3. What if I have any problem on my order, how can I reach you?

    To provide service guarantee : we pick Very.co.uk ‘s service guarantee for your reference :

    Now, you customer will know what they WILL get from you


    Currently, various platforms are made available by social media.

    Therefore, identify a platform that will aid in the achievement of objectives.

    Establish an effective measurement strategy to monitor the progress towards achieving the objectives. This strategy is obtained through the use of key metrics and identify a specific goal to be delivered monthly.

    Formulation of a contingency plan. There is always a possibility of not achieving the stated objective; therefore, it is vital to have a response plan. 

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