How to Start your Online shop on Shopify in 2020 ?

Want to start your own online shop in 2020, but you have no knowledge on how to create a website ?

Well, Shopify is definitely your option !

Shopify is the new e-commerce giant, which successfully replaced eBay’s position in the market.

Still wondering if you should start it or not ? See what do you need to start your business here.


Create your online shop on Shopify

Shopify allows individuals to create a subscription website where they can use the Shopify cart to sell, ship, and even manage their products.

Shopify gives individuals access to its admin panel where individuals can add products, process orders, and also both enter and store their data.

Since individuals are required to subscribe to the software, there is a monthly subscription amount of $29 paid every month. However, there are limited free trials of software services.

To create an individually customized online store on Shopify, one needs to follow specific simple steps



Signing up with Shopify

The first step to joining Shopify is – registration.

The merchant creates an account with Shopify and chooses between the paying option or the fourteen-day trial option.

However, the trial option is recommended since the merchant has the freedom to terminate the account if it does not suit their needs without paying the subscription fee.

From there, the merchant is required to come up with a store name that acts as their brand.

Finally, the merchant will be required to purchase a domain name, preferably one that matches the store name for the website to look professional.


Choosing a Shopify Plan

Shopify provides four types of plans that the merchant can choose from as well as their monthly subscription amounts, basic ($29), which charges 2.9% for every transaction.

This plan is characterized by a 24/7 customer service option as well as giving an exception of two staff accounts.

The Shopify ($79) plan is similar in features to the basic program. However, it is characterized by 2.4% transaction costs and provision for five staff accounts.

Finally, the Advanced ($299) plan charges 2.9% per transaction and allows for fifteen staff accounts. 


Website Personalization

Personalization is very important to give your customer first impression.

Customization of Shopify accounts involves color themes that one would obtain from the full range of options provided and also creating an “Why Us” of the store for providing additional information about the store to the customers.

With more customized content, your customer will understand your business and mission more. Eventually, you will convert then into your loyalty customer.


Finishing up and Product Listing

In order to finish up with the account, it is advisable to link the Shopify account with personal social media accounts to expand the customer spectrum.

Additionally, providing a review app for customer reviews is highly recommended.

After this is done, the merchant can now add the products that they intend on selling accompanied by product details such as product title, pricing, and images.



Create your online shop on shopify is a common choice in Dropshipping industry, due to Shopify welcome their users to start any online business.

They also offer lots of Shopify Apps that automates the whole dropshipping process.

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