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AI is changing the way businesses are run across all industries. It’s time to get on board with AI and put it to work for your company, or risk being left behind!

We work with you to enable business success through AI.

We utilize natural language processing (NLP) to assist diverse industries across the globe in achieving their goals for improved accuracy and speed of data analysis while reducing costs.

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We have dedicated professionals with years' worth of experience who strive toward offering only the best services available, so rest assured you will be receiving nothing less when entrusting us with any pertinent projects.

NLP helps you to achieve your business goal

NLP is a set of techniques that are used to analyze text or spoken language. It has been applied in natural language processing, computational linguistics, cognitive science, educational psychology, marketing, and sociology.
Strategic consulting and implementation

We assess your business needs, plan for the project execution process, implement an actionable solution to address gaps in your practice's processes that are identified during the assessment.

Social Media Monitoring

We provide the key to unlocking your data's potential. We acquire existing structured or unstructured data from a variety of sources, such as social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter; our software processes this information in real-time so you can receive actionable insights quickly for improved consumer experiences.

Detect emerging trends and hidden opportunities

A quick and efficient process to extract main ideas & topics, key terms, sentiment analysis in text data. The right combination of natural language processing/machine learning helps get the information people need.

Use Cases

Sentiment Analysis

Our sentiment analysis lets you gain insights into customer satisfaction, partner relationships and trends in the competitive market.

Content Creation

Content creators are able to make their content better by using Natural Language Processing, which increases engagement rates for audiences on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram.

Topic Extraction and summarization

Discover topics, sentiment from customer feedbacks, emails and social data with our algorithms.

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

It allows us to communicate with machines more naturally by using keywords and phrases on a day-to-day basis, as well as a conversational speech.

How it works ?

We love simple process ! Just like you.
NLP is complicated, but we will handle this.

All we need from you is simple information and we will deep dive for you !

  • 1.

    Request for proposal

    Let us know what is the aim of the project and we will give you further planning on the proposal

  • 2.

    Competitor Analysis

    We will have to understand your competitive landscape by AI competitor analysis

  • 3.

    Data research

    Collect, aggregate and analyze these external data & internal data to provide full-scope and understanding of the business

  • 4.


    We will provide report to our client and evaluate the performance of the model and refine based on customer request.

We have created some amazing projects with our clients !

Review-based Market Audit

With the NLP capabilities, we can generate valuable market insights and visualized the data into understandable charts and reports.

Our typical approach to show frequency in feedbacks by bar chart, competitor analysis in positioning map and market landscape by Venn diagram.

Spot the market gap and hidden market in one glance

Sentiment & Review Analysis

Our NLP technology can process text and voice to generate positive, negative, or natural sentiment scores as well as keywords.

UGC content is driven in e-commerce industry, this technology can apply on online shops, affiliate marketing sites and comparison websites, which can organize the users review into keywords with sentiment scores.

The reviews can help the brand or retailer to understand the customer need and how to improve their service.

Trend Prediction

By using NLP to find out users’ search query and shopping habits, it is easier for retailer to identify the market opportunities from different data sources : reddit, Facebook ,Instagram and blogs.

By using algorithm we are able to identify the trends in buying behavior, this process could help the brand to optimally utilize resources for storage and distribution.

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