Online Arbitrage vs Dropshipping : Business Model for E-commerce Beginners

Many beginners online sellers and e-commerce entrepreneurs wonder about the difference between dropshipping and online arbitrage. In this article we looked at online arbitrage and dropshipping: online business models for e-commerce beginners. We discussed the pros and cons of dropshipping vs online arbitrage.

What is dropshipping ?

Dropshipping is a retail online business model where online sellers do not stock any inventory. Instead, they simply take orders online and have suppliers ship products directly to online buyers.

What is online arbitrage ?

Online Arbitrage is a retail online business model where retailers buy low-cost, high demand products online and resell them online for a higher price.

Benefits of Dropshipping

– You can start an online business with no investing in inventory.

– You don’t need to worry about storage, order fulfillment or picking up items from suppliers.

– You can always scale your online retail store by adding more dropship suppliers as your online store grows in size and demand.

Benefits of Online Arbitrage

– Online arbitrage is the perfect online business model for online sellers who want to start their online store with small inventory

– online arbitrage is an online business model that enables you to scale your online store as demand grows

What to prepare to start your business ?

Dropshipping simply take orders online and have suppliers ship products directly to online buyers.

For the dropshipping online business model, the start-up cost can vary depending on product quality and shipping methods used by your supplier.

The cost for online arbitrage is that it requires experience and time which can be more difficult to learn than dropshipping.

One of the main drawbacks is that online arbitrage requires initial stocks. If you want to do online arbitrage then you need to have the products available in order to sell them online.



How to Find Products for Online Arbitrage and Dropshipping?

As online arbitrage and online dropshipping online businesses are not businesses that require a lot of investment, there is a lot of competition online. To make sure your online business is successful you should do your research.

The first step in online arbitrage or online dropshipping is to find low-priced but high-demand products online. This can be accomplished by analyzing product prices at various retailers.

Which business model is better for you?

Online arbitrage is great for experienced online sellers as it requires less investment for start-up and running costs, but can be more difficult to learn than dropshipping as there is no ready-made system or platform to use. You will have to be experienced in sourcing the right product and stock it.

Dropshipping, on the other hand, does require a greater investment for start-up cost, but is much easier to learn.


There are many online business models, online arbitrage and dropshipping being some of the most popular online business models. They each have their own pros and cons. For those looking for a cost-effective online business, I recommend online arbitrage. For others who are more interested in getting started with little investment, I would highly recommend dropshipping.

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