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How Do I Order Products From APMALL?

1. Click on your desired product.

2. Click the following buttons if you want to either ''Add to cart'' or ''Purchase'' your products

3. Click the button shown in the picture to purchase your products as a guest.

4. Please click ''Accept all terms and conditions'' and then click ''Agree'' at the bottom of the page.

5. Next, you need to fill in your information.

6. After filling in your information, please add your shipping address.

7. Fill in your address accordingly

8. Select your building address accordingly

9. Enter the details of your complete address accordingly

10. Please put in your delivery request accordingly

11. Scroll down and go to the section to select your payment method

12. If you choose ''Credit Card Payment'', then pick your choice of payment

13. If you choose ''Other Payment Methods'', pick your choice of payment.

14. Select the box as shown in the picture to agree to the site's purchase conditions and payment process

You're all set! All it takes is just a few steps to order your products!