Say No to Long Delivery & Messy Shipment Today !

Don't let your customer wait too long!
We offer 4-7 days shipment to UK and Australia 🙂

Direct Freight Delivery

6 days a week direct flight to London, the UK, available on weekends

Consolidate Shipment

All of the orders are shipped from Hong Kong, our logistic partner will consolidate the parcels from the same order and ship in 1 parcel

Track the Status

Your customer can track the whole shipping process and status

We create unique experiences

Most of the dropshipping marketplace or platform cannot give you any service on shipping. But WE DO !
Shipping is crucial in dropshipping ! The reason why we can guarantee service, its because all of our suppliers are located in Hong Kong and we have a professional logistics service provider.
Super Chain works directly with logistics provider to offer consolidate shipment service and our suppliers are all using the same shipping method.
We as the platform can ensure the shipping time, shipping service, the speed and quality to you as we directly communicate with our suppliers and logistics partner.
Our shipment methods are all direct flight, can be tracked.
In UK, we have Yodel & Royal mail to offer last mile service and in Australia, the last mile service is provided by Australia Post.

The Delivery Process

If the order is placed on the early morning, that is possible that the order can arrive to consolidate warehouse in Day 1 !
Day 1

Order placed on Super Chain

Day 2

Ship to HK Consolidate warehouse

Day 3

Consolidate shipment transits to Hong Kong airport

Day 4

Direct flight to Australia / UK

Day 5

Customs clearance completed, handed over to the last mile logistics provider

Day 6

Delivered by Last mile service provider

Our Partners

The last mile delivery will be offered by the following logistics providers based on the destination

Offer your customer a faster delivery service!

Are you ready to rock the dropshipping market with us ?

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Our Delivery
Super Chain offer speedy and realiable delivery methods to our dropshippers. If you are still struggling to deal with your suppliers, join us and dropship !