Earn the profit that you have missed !

Sourcing internationally

Source from the lowest market and sell in the highest market

Machine Learning

Algorithms help you to use ML to predict the best price

Increase Profit

Earn the most possible profit from international market

What is Price Monitor?

The smartest sourcing engine powered by AI.
Grow your business profit !

Profit Margin

The AI engine provides a suggested profit margin for your reference to adjust the selling price, so you can make more money!

Sales Analytics

Knowing the best selling opportunities by comparing to international market prices

Sourcing Recommendation

Get the best sourcing offer from international suppliers by our AI engine

How it works ?

Data-driven and sales-oriented
  • 1

    Fetch Data

    Get real-time data from tons of online data sources

  • 2


    Clean and consolidate data sources : price , product info , sales data

  • 3

    Analyze by AI

    Analyze the price & sales data by our AI Algorithms

  • 4

    AI Prediction

    Predict the sales and suggest the best selling price by AI algorithm

Other Features

1-Click Import

Manage & mark up the products to your e-commerce shop in just 1-Click.

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Review Analysis

Analyze customer reviews and generate keywords for buyers to better understand the product.

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Trending Products

Gather data from e-commerce platforms and identifies the top-selling products in the market.

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