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Super Chain gives you the best guarantee

Unlimited products

We do not limit the products for you. You can import and buy unlimited products as long as they are listed on Super Chain then you can import it ! You can import UNlIMITED Items to your shop

1-Click Import

You can find amazing products from Super Chain and resell on your online shop in 1-click

Price Calculator

You can create price rule to mark-up the product cost to be your selling price directly, without using the messy spreadsheet anymore.

Sync & Auto Update

Sync the inventory levels with the supplier and avoid to sell stock-out product.
No more outdated information & back order !

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Our Core Value is You

We are not a tech-geek, but we are proud to let you know we have the most powerful element in the B2B marketing - Relationship

We have a strict vetting process for our supplier, we only work with the best supplier in Hong Kong and we are looking for a dropshipper who share common value with us.

Got questions? We've got answers.

1. Lifetime updates

No worries! You will not have to pay anything to receive the updated version and we will announce the update when it’s available !

2. How many SKUs can I access and import ?

We do not set limitation for you, as long as you are our member. You can access all SKUs and import of them to your store! You do not have to upgrade any plan to get more SKU.

3. What is the strength of Super Chain?

We are better than others not because of Tech or our system. It’s because we have the best supplier in Hong Kong and we serve the best dropshippers that concerns about product quality, service quality, brand issue … That’s you!

Super Chain is empowered by the best supplier and best dropshippers in the world!

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