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Verifying Process

We will have a site visit & meeting with you, to introduce your shop to our drop shippers and we will need some documents for reference.
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    Fill in our application form

    We have a simple & clear application form to know your business information. We will review your business and get back to you very soon

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    Meet with you

    We will schedule a visit to your shop or your company, to take site photos and teach you to use our seller backend to manage the shop.

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    Submit and Set-up Account

    We will need your business registration, the proof of purchase for reference. The account will be set-up and you can sell now !

Sell with us today and join our dropshipping community

If you are supplier for the following industries and interested to sell with our dropshippers, Let's work together and meet our dropshippers
  • Phone & Accessories
  • Camera & Accessories
  • Smart Home & Gadget
  • Beauty
  • Health & Sport
  • Baby & Kid
  • Game & Console
  • Fashion & Luxury

How it Works?

Super Chain is an innovative marketplace that customized for Dropshipping business. We created 1-Click import, Profit Calculator , Auto-Update for dropshippers
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    Upload your products

    Upload your product on our seller backstage, if you have product CSV file you can pass it to us and we can upload the product in bulk

  • 2

    Source at Super Chain

    Our dropshipping members can access to our marketplace and source for suitable products

  • 3

    Import & Mark-Up

    Dropshipper can import your product to their shop in 1-Click and mark-up the profit in our system. The items are ready to sell in a few clicks

  • 4

    Fulfill the order

    After they have made an order, they will place the order directly on our system and you will be responsible to ship the order to their customer

Maximise your sales with Super Chain!

We do not charge anything in advance! This is a Risk-Free business opportunity !
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