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What is Dropshipping ?

You don't need to pay for any inventory , logistic cost or warehouse cost to open your business.
Order will be fulfilled by your supplier to your customer directly !
  • 1

    Customer Order from your shop

  • 2

    Place order to your supplier

  • 3

    Supplier ships the order to your customer

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Kick start your own online business with Super Chain and streamline your sourcing experience !

Trending Products

Gather data from different popular e-commerce platforms and identifies the top-selling products in the market.

Price Monitor

Predicts the best-selling strategy for the user by analyzing the sales trend & provides suggested margin and profit.

Customer Review Analysis

Our NLP engine analyse the customer reviews and generate keywords & sentiment scores for buyer to better understand the product.

1-click Import

Manage & mark up the products to your e-commerce shop in just 1-Click.

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