The Ultimate Guide : How to Find Your Winning Product Online

How do you find winning products online? It’s a difficult question for many people, especially when they are starting out. In this ultimate guide to winning product sourcing, we’ll outline some of the best ways to find winning products on the internet and make your e-commerce business successful from day one. We’ll also share some tips on how to avoid scams and other things that might slow down a new entrepreneur!

It’s a difficult question for many people, especially when they are starting out.

Finding winning product is a tedious task

The winning product is the most important part of your e-commerce business.

There are thousands, if not millions, of products available on Amazon alone and it can be very difficult to find a winning product with good margins that people actually want to buy online.

How To Determine What Products To Sell ?

We’re all striving to be the next big thing — similar to some of today’s most popular D2C brands.

However, in an oversaturated product market, coming up with product ideas is difficult. Fortunately, we’ve created a product brainstorm checklist to help you loosen your entrepreneur persona and motivation.

Should we find the product niche by personal interests ?

Yes !

Before you go snooping around the internet for commercial ideas and searching all corners of the world for goods and niche suggestions, it’s always a good idea to start with things you are interested in, as you might have some knowledge on the niche.

Starting your firm is not as glamorous as you see in the movies. The truth looks a lot more like long hours, maybe some rough terrain, and periodic or frequent sacrifices! Stick with your interests will help you to get through the tough time.

Find products you are passionate about

Perhaps you just woke up with an urge to get started on something. Perhaps it’s a product or concept you’ve had for years that needs to be brought into reality. It could be anything from a half-written business plan tucked away in a file on your computer. Even if you’ve previously dismissed it, it’s worth revisiting.

It will not only help you get through difficult times if you are passionate about what you do, but it will also aid in the creation of a brand message that connects with people on a personal level.

Let’s be real — without passion, what’s the driver behind your online business?

Emotionally investing in your product allows you to better express the value and purpose of your business. An emotional tale will also help you stand out against rivals.

Address the pain point by a solution

If there’s a problem, address it.

Consider your own or others’ pain points in your life or even those around you. For example, you can’t sell a general weight loss supplement or any kind of food item because there are too many options out there.

Instead, aim for things like meal replacement shakes if people are looking to lose some weight without having to eat bland foods that don’t taste good.

If you’re struggling with what market or customer segment to target, look into bloggers who are already in that niche.

It’s possible to have a successful product or service that doesn’t have to be huge, complicated, or expensive. It might be as simple as it is effective.

Monitor on the trend

Try to use an emerging trend or product to establish your business.

To be successful in doing so, you must stay up to date on the newest, popular goods and services—and then build an e-commerce site to profit from them before they become mainstream.

Look at some of the top consumer product trend publications to get started on your research for product ideas. Following trend publications is a fantastic method to get a feel for how consumers’ products are evolving and what new product concepts other entrepreneurs are bringing to the market. Following these publications can also introduce you to new product categories and industries that you didn’t know existed

You can also use a variety of sources to learn about industry leaders. Following the appropriate individuals on social media may help you come up with fresh ideas by providing a continual stream of carefully curated information from people who are aware. It’s up to you to see what possibilities lie ahead.

What are the channels to find winning product ?

There are several channels to find winning products online. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones.

Ebay Watch count

eBay’s Watch Count is a time-saving service that lets you keep track of the most popular eBay items in real time, as determined by eBay users. eBay maintains an ongoing tally (when users click “Add to WatchList”).

Make sure you only buy winning products with at least 98% or higher feedback rating and that include close up pictures of actual product.



Amazon Best Seller List

Another great channel to find winning product is on Amazon Best seller List, where you can see the popularity of the product on its charts.

What’s more, if you’re not sure about how successful it might be, you can order one or two products first before buying in bulk.

But first, we will have to clarify the meaning of best seller rank (BSR) and Organic Ranking.

The BSR is how well the product ranks in relation to sales, whereas the organic ranking is how well the item ranks for a specific term.

A product’s organic ranking is the position it holds in Amazon’s search engine results pages (SERP) for a certain term.

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank of a product has nothing to do with its position on Amazon’s SERP.

Google Trends


Google trend is a Google service that shows you how often keywords or phrases are searched. It is an easy way to find winning products online, but it’s also helpful for finding untapped niches.

It will show the average monthly searches of any given term and give valuable insight into both demand and competition so you can easily see if there is enough sales potential to justify selling that winning product online.


Competitor Offering

Keep tracking on your competitor best seller or trending item to see what products are they currently selling well.

Most of the “best seller” ranking is automatically added to the shop front by default, however, there is also a chance for your competitor to manually edit the best seller product to attract customer to purchase the specific item. So, make sure you also check on the number of review, which can give you some sense to verify the winning product.


Keyword research

Keywords Research The winning product is vital for your e-commerce business success and the best way to find winning products online, therefore, you should always pay particular attention to keywords research when sourcing new items.

Just take an example of pet industry, if you are a big fan of cat, google will help you to do the rest :

The recommended search result will complete your search query, it is trained by Google AI logic, one of the metric that they take into account is “search volume” :

The search result page will also give a lot of related search result, which would help to you narrow and define your scope.

Winning Product Tool

By using the AI and Big Data technology, there are tools that analyze data from a variety of popular e-commerce platforms and determine the top sellers in the market.

So, you may use various e-commerce platforms to acquire a ranking and identify the top product.

With the winning product tool, you are able to get real-time data on top products that have just been launched or will be released soon.

You don’t need to spend hours looking through each platform individually. The winning product tool offers a single platform for winning product information.

It will save your time to find winning products online, saves you money and headache too.

Shopify Report

One of the hidden gem that everyone missed – Shopify. They create reports for winning goods and make predictions based on data they have.

There are the top 5 of their trending products proposed for 2022 :

  1. Toys
  2. Shoes
  3. Pens and pencils
  4. Decorative bottles
  5. Drills

Instagram Tags

People love to share what they buy. Posting on social media is a MUST.

This is the way to get your winning product ideas exposed and gives you an opportunity for organic ranking in search engines.

Take a look at some rising hashtag and follow the tags that you are interested, you can estimate the trend by looking at the no. of posts that being tagged by the specific hashtag.

if you need some generic idea of what is in trending, you can use the free tool here :

What are the aspects for winning product ?

Winning product is a winning combination of factors.


Great marketing materials

When you are doing dropshipping or even e-commerce, most of the online entrepreneurs do not expect to hire a graphic designer,

The winning product should be eye catching and go viral on social media, if the marketing materials are not available, then you will have to make it by yourself, which might be not a good option as a test.

In priority, you should pick those with marketing material ready , like vidoe , graphic , banner, selling points …

Good reviews

The winning product should be well reviewed to elevate your customer confidence.

Most of the online shoppers would only buy something if it is highly recommended by others, so you’d better not go for a winning products with bad review or none at all.

If you are sick of reading tons of reviews, perhaps you should use customer review analysis tool and read though everything in one glance.

Wow Factor

Remember your target audience watched tons of ads every single day, they are jaded, you should give them something new and fresh.

If the product has no distinct selling point or differentiation from its rivals, why would you bother?

You need to catch the attention from the users and make them “click” to your shop and read through the points.

If you are selling through TikTok, you will know the wow factor is important, it bring engagement with your audience and sometimes just make fun for them.

I bet you have seen this :

Supplier Quality

It may generate more than $10,000 each week if you have a winning product, and it will be an issue if your supplier does not work fast enough.

You’ll get a slew of negative feedback and refund requests as a result.

You should find winning products that are produced by reputable and quality suppliers.

That will give you a peace of mind to build your business on it for the long term as well as let you sleep tight at night without worrying about supplier delay or bad review from customers.


To Conclude, winning product is winning combination of factors for marketers.

Those are the winning criteria you should take into consideration when searching winning products online.

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