What do you need to Kickstart Your Dropshipping Business?

We know you have been researching about Dropshipping for a while, what about to start your dropshipping today ? Does it hard to kickstart your dropshipping business ? What do I need to do to start my dropshipping business … Those are the most common questions for drophsipping newbie.

No worries, today we are here to reveal the most complete and easiest way to Kickstart your dropshipping business.


#1 Entrepreneurship

Before going to the main body of this article, we want to ask you an important question.

Are you comfortable with uncertainty?

Being a boss looks fansy but not actually easy, indeed 80% of businesses are fail in the first 3 years.

Starting a business need to deal with a lot of uncertainties, unlike a well-paid job someone will cover you up if you made a mistakes.

In your early business journey, you are probably working alone, being the salesperson, marketing head, customer service staff…

Are you able to overcome the difficulty and be ready for whats coming ?


#2 Selling Channel

Yes, the selling channel should be the very first step for you to move on, the selling channel is not limits to website only. It could be a facebook page, instagram account, a post on the forum…

To choose your selling channel, based on your target market’s preference, we would say generally website is the most common choice for all of the dropshippers, as we aim to “free” ourselves, by letting the e-commerce website to do the rest for you. But for specific market for example China, the e-commerce preference is based on the WeChat, go check on your target customer’s preference.

#3 Touch Point(s)

After having your own selling channels (for example, website) then you can think about how to approach your customer.

Assume your customer is not going to your website directly, they do not even know you exist. How can you reach them ?

A touch point is a landscape for you and your customer to connect together, in most case its social media : Facebook , Instagram, Pinterest

For example, 2.4 billion users of Facebook might get in touch with your business on Facebook (the landscape) and you have build a connection with them.

Then you can engaging with your customer and lead them to your website.

Be aware of touch point(s), as you should have more than 1 touch point to approach your customers to let them remember your brand or re-targeting them to your website.

#4 Dropshipping Product

Product is the basic of every marketing plan. Under the marketing mix, product is one of the element and the most important one.

Promotion, Price , Place should be determined by the product. Apart from following the trend of the market, you can also consider the product to sell based on your interest or expertise.

Can you imagine, if you are a baseball fan, you can sell baseball products or gifts and that would be awesome !

To enjoy your business and let the business be fun !

#5 Advanced Tips

You probably read a lot of dropshipping workflow and indeed its very simple and easy.

You only need to do the front-end selling and marketing part, and your supplier will do the rest of you.

However, most of you forgot the selling loop – you didn’t close the loop yet….AFTER SALE

To make sure your dropshipping customer know how to use the product, are they happy with the product and most importantly to trigger re-purchase.


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