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A Unique Bonding Experience For The Drop-Shipper & Supplier

We used to be drop-shippers just like you. We spent quite a few years to find the perfect supplier for our drop-shipping business, because we wanted to deliver high-quality products to our customer base and we did not want to sell products that we didn’t believe in.

Along with our full-time jobs, drop-shipping was another stream of income. We maintained a successful drop-shipping business so we decided to form our drop-shipping company in 2016.

We formed this drop-shipping marketplace in 2019. On our platform we have all of our verified suppliers from international markets including Hong Kong, Thailand, US, UK, Korea and more to connect with our drop-shippers and provide the best products!

Build A Mutual Business Relationship

The competition and price-war in the Hong Kong market are very intense and we think that drop-shipping is the solution!

Our platform has over 500,000 online drop-shippers who are highly skilled in online marketing and are looking to connect with reliable suppliers.

Super Chain’s purpose is to be a CHAIN between our dedicated drop-shippers and our international suppliers.

Our suppliers aim to provide verified, high quality products and ideal prices in order for our drop-shippers to have the best possible profit margins.

We Bring Quality To The Drop-Shipping World

We are the only drop-shipping marketplace that provides you with a real connection with a real supplier and not just a random online agent.
We try our best to ensure that our drop-shippers connect with a trusty and reliable supplier. So we make sure to have a thorough vetting process to eliminate suppliers that may be a risk to your business.
We are ready to ROCK the market

We provide the trendiest and most profitable products for your drop-shipping business.
So you no longer need to worry about sourcing your products with unverified suppliers.
Together we can make your online business grow and thrive!

Our Suppliers Want To Meet You Through Super Chain

We bring you the best quality products from all around the world.
Most of our suppliers have retail shops in Hong Kong so the customer can directly test the product and give feedback to the suppliers. A retail shop can never survive if they sell poor quality products.

Never Have To Deal With Tough Situations Regarding Customer Service

With a supportive supplier, delivery, product quality and authenticity guarantee, you can sell the perfect product with Super Chain and gain satisfied customers.

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