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Introducing Source Explorer

Source Explorer functions includes Natural Language Processing (NLP) which is a form of artificial intelligence which helps computers understand “human” language.

Here at Super Chain we utilise NLP in order to make sourcing products easier for drop-shippers like you!


Instant Understanding of the product

Reading tons of product reviews are wasting your time. We use AI to analyze the product pros & cons for you

Sentiment Analysis

There is no perfect products in the world, but knowing why customer like it or not will help you to explore the potential of the products!

AI Filtering

We put customer satisfaction in the first priority of our platform, we only provide good reputation products for you, we filter the products by using our AI algorithm

A Unique Experience For Drop-Shippers and Suppliers

We used to be drop-shippers before and we spent quite a few years on just finding the perfect supplier for our drop-shipping business, because we wanted to deliver high-quality products to our customer base.

Along with our full-time jobs, drop-shipping was another income stream. Because we maintained a successful drop-shipping business, we decided to form our own drop-shipping marketplace in 2019.

On our platform we have all of our verified suppliers from international markets including Hong Kong, Thailand, US, UK, Korea and more to connect with our drop-shippers and provide the best products!

Build A Mutual Business Relationship

The online sourcing industry is growing dramatically, we believe international online sourcing is the solution for dropshipping market.

Our platform has over 200,000 high quality products with ideal prices, in order for our dropshippers to have the best possible profit margins!

Super Chain’s purpose is to be a CHAIN between our dedicated drop-shippers and our international suppliers.

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