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We create unique bonding for dropshipper & supplier

We used to be a dropshipper , like you. We spent a few years to find a perfect supplier for our dropshipping business, as we want to deliver high-quality products for our customer, but not selling something that we don’t even want to others. We have full-time work and dropshipping as a part-time income, after a few years, we formed our dropshipping company in 2016.

Now, in 2019 we finally have an own dropshipping marketplace for all of our verified supplier from Hong Kong to join us and connect their great product with our dropshipper.

The mutual business relationship

The competition and price-war in Hong Kong market are very intense and dropshipping is the solution.

We have more than 500,000 online dropshippers who have lots of online marketing skills and looking for reliable suppliers.

Super Chain is here as a CHAIN to build a bonding for our Hong Kong supplier with international dropshippers. Our supplier can provide quality product & good price, and you will be selling the products shipped from Hong Kong.

We bring quality to dropshipping business. To build bonding for you and your supplier by Super Chain.

Super Chain is the only dropshipping marketplace that gives you a real connection with a real supplier. But not just an online agent. All of our suppliers are selected by a strict vetting process, to bring the best supplier for you.
We are ready to ROCK the market

We are bring the new trend to dropshipping by quality product and supplier. No longer sourcing with the unverified suppliers and bring your dropshipping store to an upgraded level !

Our Hong Kong Suppliers are ready to meet you through Super Chain

We bring you the best quality products from the world and ship from Hong Kong. Most of our suppliers have retail shop in Hong Kong, the customer can test the products directly and give feedback to the shop. A retail shop can never survive if they sell a bad quality product.

You will never have to deal with tough situation of customer service

With a supportive supplier, we provide shipping time guarantee, product quality guarantee, authentic guarantee ... You can sell good product with Super Chain without any complaint

Start from today, Sell Quality Product and get customer satisfaction !

You ready for the rock the stage ?

We Create Unbreakable bonding

Selling quality product and provide high value service are the key to win in 2019 !

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Why Us?
We bring quality to dropshipping business. Super Chain is the only dropshipping marketplace that gives you a real connection with a real supplier.