How to find the quality dropshipping supplier ?

The key element of Dropshipping is always your supplier. Whether you can provide good service, on-time delivery , good product …. it’s all by your supplier.

You will be successful if you have a good dropshipping supplier to be your partner.

However, most of the current dropshippers are fail to find and build bonding with good dropshipping suppliers.

Today, let’s see how to find a quality supplier for your dropshipping store.

Find suppliers are easy, everyone want to get order. Yet, you need to find a quality supplier to be your partner!



Before getting to the body, you need to understand what is a quality dropshipping supplier

Willing to give you advice 

When you are lack of experience on the specific industry , they are willing to discuss and guide you to the right way. Not every dropshippers are the expert of what they are selling, some of them dont even know anything about the product selling point.

If your supplier are willing to teach you and brief you before selling their product. Then they are likely to be a quality supplier


-Happy to share insight

Is this product suitable for United Kingdom market ? ask about this or something more specific. Your supplier has the most accurate selling data, they should have known what selling good to United Kingdom and what’s bad. Ask them to see if they are heppy to share insight for you.

For example, if you are dropshipping Korean cosmetics product, is it better to sell in South East Asia or United Kingdom to get more profit margin and market share ?

If your supplier is willing to share with you, then you can count on them.


-Able to support you when something bad happened

With no doubt, business is always full of uncertainty. You will have good time and bad time, you might have mistake by mixing up the order information.

Is your supplier willing to cover you up, by calling the courier to return the parcel ? or they just tell you its shipped and cannot get it back ?

Well… Things happened all the time, not everything will be smooth and if you have your supplier’s back. Your business will be powerful !


-Looking for you be their long-term partner

Are they listening to your opinion or just ignore it ? The opinion of dropshipper is incredibly important for the brands and suppliers, as they do not receive direct response from the customer, but you do.

When you propose something constructive to your business , are they taking your advice ?

Partner is a both sided benefit, your supplier will get a long-term reseller to distribute their products locally and you as the dropshipper will get good product and service from them.


-Offer you something unique and different

Once you are well-established, are they willing to offer you something unique ?

When you want your own packing box and logo on the parcel, you might discuss with your supplier to see if they can do it for you when they are shipping the parcel.

However, not every supplier can do it for you, but with the fulfillment service they are able to offer you something different.


3-Steps to get a quality supplier


Find a credible online platform

Dropshipping marketplace 
is created to serve dropshipping sector, but not for B2C or traditional B2B business. Which means they are offering NO MOQ for dropshipper to place order and fulfill the order for dropshipper directly.

Most of the current B2B marketplace are mainly showing the manufacturers in China, however, giving you lack of option to source branded items and No MOQ.

Indeed, we have lots of dropshippin tools to manage, list and fulfill the orders, but you forgot the Key Asset of dropshipping again.

None of the current platform or tools are offering you the quality suppliers, however, we did.

We want you to do a simple thing for us by sign up as a free member 


 Talk with us – Super Chain

You need to talk and discuss with us about your business and what are you looking for and we can give you further insight and advice.

Should I start a general shop or niche shop ?

We know the answer, when you give us more about your goal and interests.

Why do we need more information to give you advice ? As we believe your interests will influence your business, for example if you are a make-up addict, then you might probably start your beauty product store, and you can share your own make-up experience with your customer.


Meet with your supplier

B2B e-commerce is getting popular and we knew that everything can be done online.

Directly talk with your supplier are a good way to establish your partnership with them. Simply set up a conference call with them are let them know more about your business and plan to get to know each other.

All of our Hong Kong suppliers can speak English with you and happy to discuss the business opportunity with you.

If you want to dropship branded & authentic items , join us !
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