What is Dropshipping & Does Dropshipping Really Works ?


Do you want to start your own business ?

Oh yes, of course! Everyone wants to be their own boss, however, do you have budget to start ? Or are you able to take the risk ?

Well… Lack of budget or high risk are the most common concerns, and stopping you from earning passive income.

What if ! We are going to show you an NO Budget & NO Risk way to start your business…

Alright, let me introduce Dropshipping to you. The most popular e-commerce business model !

You do not need to pay in advance to stock the items, you only pay when you have sold an item, and your supplier will handle the rest for you.

The only thing you do, its to MAKE SALES !


The Definition of Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an e-commerce fulfillment model, it means you as an dropshipper, do not need to take any stocks or initial investment to start your business.

Once the shop has received an order, then you will place your order directly from your supplier and your supplier will be responsible to fulfill the order.


Does Dropshipping Really Works ?

This is a common questions. In theory , Dropshipping has no reason to be failed. However, you need to take a look into the details.

Who is involved into dropshipping ?

The online shop (You), Supplier, Shipping or fulfillment vendor and most importantly your customer.

The key role in Dropshipping is your supplier , the following questions should be asked when you are selecting your dropshipping supplier.

If your supplier can fulfill your order on time ?

If your supplier can stop putting their invoice/ their promotional material into your order?

If your supplier can ensure the items will be sent correctly to your customer ?

If your supplier cannot assure the above questions, then your dropshipping business will be in risk.

The shipping vendor or fulfillment vendor is selected by the supplier, and they are the third-party company that completely out of control.

What does it means ? Your supplier or you will not able to reach the responsible person when something gone wrong in your order.

Missing order? unable to track the parcel ? Returned items ? None of the third parties will be responsible for these issues, but,  those are very common problems in dropshipping.

You need to work with an suppliers with signed logistics partner, that means they will be handed the full shipping process without passing to an unknown or untraceable courier.

Moreover, the most valuable asset in your dropshipping business, your customer.

Your customer needs SERVICE, and who will be serving them ? You ? nah…

Not only you , your supplier, your fulfillment vendor… Literally everyone in the supply chain needs to serve them.

Without a integrated dropshipping plan, your customer will not give you a happy feedback.

TRUST me ! E-commerce is getting popular and the service standard is getting high , if you are still staying at the Price-bargain shop level, you are not able to scale your business.

Putting Sales everyday , price-war will not help you to get loyalty customer.

You need to provide service and make sure your partners offer service and guarantee as well. 


Should I start dropshipping ? Yes, I would definitely say Yes.

Despite the challenges on the reality of dropshipping, you should find an reliable dropshipping supplier to start your business.

The more closely you work with your partner, you will have better control in dropshipping business and prevent the risk.

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